MyDemocracy School is a free, low-data usage web-based mobile application for youth, women, and ethnic leaders in Myanmar who are interested in politics. It aims to improve the knowledge and skills of alumni so that they can participate in political processes. Users have unlimited free access to all interactive content online and offline.

The MyDemocracySchool Application can be used by anyone interested in politics and is not restricted by race or ethnicity.

Users can read articles and download publications for free to use online or offline without opening an account. To participate in the discussion in the forum, users will need to open an account.

After opening an account, forum access will be available within 48 hours after review by MyDemocracy School Admin.

You can download articles and books to use the application even without an internet connection. The downloaded articles can be read only in the application, and the PDF books can be saved in the storage of the device used so you can read them with your favorite PDF reader.

MyDemocracy School Application will not share any users data without permission with any external individuals or organizations.

If you forgot your password, click Change Password under the Menu. Then, click “Forgot password”, Enter your user ID and NIMD's Democracy School course name you have attended and click submit. Then you can enter and change your new password. If you have trouble changing your password, you can contact NIMD for help.

Posts, comments and questions asked in articles and posts on the forum can be viewed in the activity log under the menu icon.